Diary of a grumpy vegan gluten-free traveler. Chapter One - The Soy Ploy...

As anyone with a special dietary requirement will know, traveling is and always will be more of a challenge than for most. In our travels we have had our fair share of dietary disasters. Being vegan and gluten-free, I've found that most of Asia hates me and my guts and unfortunately for Mark it hates him too by default.

So I've decided to vent my frustrations in the best way I know how, in comic form! Join Nat (Natalie) and Marc (Marcella) as they journey around the globe led by their ever-sensitive tummies in search of edible food and normal people to eat it with...


#vegan #vegetarian

fancy a chat? GOT ANY QUESTIONs? Email Mark and Nate at: escapeartists1111@outlook.com

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