Amidst a recent surge of books, websites and blogs on how to create a laptop lifestyle of digital nomadism, self-christened “Escape Artists” Mark Newton and Nate Evans examine what it really means to be living off-grid and outside the 9-to-5 norm.

Exploring the how, why, where and what regarding life without a permanent address, the authors reveal the realities of a neo-nomadic existence:

•Why would someone want to escape conventional living and working?
•Can anyone truly earn a reliable income using the Internet?
•What exactly are couch-surfing, WWOOFing and pet-sitting?
•How does minimalism feature in this way of life?
•What sort of stuff do modern nomads carry?
•And how does perpetual travel affect your mind, body and spirit?

With hilarious anecdotes, witty illustrations and authentic accounts of life on a longer-than-average road, “How to Make Your Escape” not only presents a guide to living, working and travelling unconventionally, but also asks whether anyone would really want to do it in the first place.

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