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    Mark's Art

    Mark James Newton is a British-born painter, sculptor and illustrator whose art gives animals and the natural world a visual ‘voice’ in this anthropocentric age.

    He has studied art and design through various courses, including a BA in Model Making for Design and Media at the Arts University Bournemouth and a BA in Fine Art: Painting at the Cass School of Art in Whitechapel, London. He has exhibited in group shows in Bournemouth and Birmingham and had a solo exhibition in Waterloo, London in 2013.

    His most recent paintings depict endangered species as fractured, distorted layers, in a reference to the way images of animals accumulate in a virtual space while their living counterparts simultaneously disappear from the real world. More recently he has created small-scale pen drawings while living as a nomadic artist.

    One of Mark J Newton's paintings
    Pencil drawing by Mark J Newton
    Toy Sculpture by Mark J Newton
    Photograph of pony by Mark J Newton
    Animal art by Mark J Newton
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