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Mark and Nate are two travelling artists who like to spend their time exploring places, making art and meeting new people.

Curiously, it was the word “nomad” that brought them together in the first place. After spotting each other’s profiles on a dubious dating app, the first thing they noticed was a shared fondness for a nomadic lifestyle. They agreed to meet up on the seafront in Swanage, England, had a bag of chips and a couple of pints and instantly fell in love (even though Mark ordered mushy peas, which Nate thinks are just weird).










Then true to form, Mark gallivanted off travelling again (to Europe, for a ten-country couch-surfing marathon), leaving Nate to get on with an English language teaching course in the meantime.

After a month of long-distance dating via Skype, Mark returned and they resolved to travel the world together, two soulmates on the road.











Their joint adventures have taken them to Finland, Taiwan, New Zealand (where they got engaged outside Bilbo Baggins's house in Hobbiton), Australia, Thailand and Vietnam and between them they’ve been to at least 40 different countries. They live without a permanent address, with practically everything they own packed into two 80-litre backpacks. Living arrangements usually involve taking care of someone else’s dog, or sleeping in a tent somewhere.




Months of living such an unconventional lifestyle garnered a fair bit of interest from family, friends and strangers alike; not many people seemed to know about pet-sitting, couch-surfing or earning money online.

And most people thought a laptop lifestyle was all about making millions on the Web while lounging next to a swimming pool (which it really isn’t).

So, to set the record straight, they made this website, wrote and illustrated a little book and called themselves “The Escape Artists”.

Their aim is to share their experiences, insights and wisdom while they bumble around this beautiful world. They hope to encourage others to find joy in escape: whether it's through travel, art, mindfulness or nature.

Now you’ve heard a bit about them, they’d like to hear something about you...

Eating fish and chips in Swanage
Getting engaged at Bilbo Baggins's house in Hobbiton
Together in St Arnaud New Zealand

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